The Best Travel Tools

There are so many tools available to travelers today. Most of the tools that I use are available for free on the internet, or in apps. Wherever you are going you can get some great tips on your destination, and on the best way to get there.

Keep in mind that a lot of the information that you will find is sponsored by businesses at the destination. They are trying to sell themselves to you. You can usually get some good facts about where you are going direct from hotel, airline, and attraction websites. Most cities will also offer a tourism page on their website where you can get information about traveling to their town.

Other informational sites have information provided by actual travelers like you who have been to the destinations. Once I have picked a destination I like to look at this information to help me to plan my days on the trip. Traveler reviews are usually up to date and will give detailed information of experiences. What to do, what to avoid, where to eat and drink, and what places to stay at.

Below are some of my favorite travel tools and resources.



Tripadvisor is my go to travel website. You can find destination information for almost anywhere in the world on the site or handy app. The information is constantly being updated by travelers like you. It is a very comprehensive general travel tool.


Pinterest is not a travel specific website. You can find almost anything you're looking for on the site or app. Many people (including me) share travel blog posts on pinterest. It's a great place to get ideas about what to expect at your destination. You will be able to find recommendations of things to do, where to eat, and how to get around. A great tool to get ideas for your trip. Just be careful, you might get sucked in!

Google Maps

You'll want to download the app and have it with you when you travel. So much easier than carrying a paper map, you can get directions, walking, driving, and public transport almost anywhere in the world. Punch in your destination name or address and you'll know where to go. If you have gps on your phone then you can have it navigate you to where you need to be. Never get lost again! 

This website is tried and true. One of the most comprehensive travel websites out there. You can book almost anything travel related on expedia. Cruises, Hotels, flights, cars, and more. You can even bundle everything together for one price. It really is everything you need. Expedia is not gimmicky, you get what you see, and usually you will see low prices. Book here Now:

Airline Apps

Book the trip, check flight statuses, gate information, change seats, download boarding passes, and more. You can do all of this on an airline app. Most airlines offer a free app that you can place on your smartphone. Once you find out what airline you'll be flying you should download their app. It will give you useful information throughout your travels. is actually a sub site of expedia. The only thing you can book here is hotels. You can usually find similar pricing on both sites, but does have a promotion where you get one night free after booking 10 nights. It's a great site if you don't need any other travel related bookings besides a room. Book here now:

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight specializes in accommodations the night of. If you travel somewhere on a whim, or decide to extend your trip this is a great app. They get some great deals on some really nice places since they are unfilled rooms at the last minute.

Cruise Ships at Port, Nassau, Bahamas

If you are travelling abroad then data charges can be killer. The tep is a mobile hot spot that is useful all over the world. For around $10 a day you can have unlimited data for your trip. Don't be constantly searching and paying for internet while you travel. This cool device fits right in your pocket and holds a charge all day long! Check them out here: