The perfect earbuds for traveling. This headset is lightweight, holds an excellent charge, is easy to pair to any device, and best of all, has no wires! At around $50 you can pick up a pair of these for your next trip.

I recently received my pair of Skullcandy Method Bluetooth earbuds, and I could not be happier with the product. i have taken them on several trips, and they are the best pair of earbuds that I have ever had. I am not a fan of over ear headphones, so I always buy earbuds. I have had many problems with the earbuds that I have purchased in the past. Typically I have trouble with the in ear fit, I have tried many pairs and often finding a set that fits well in my ears. Even very expensive bose earbuds were not right for my ears. i find the fit of the SkullCandy Method to be excellent, and the buds come in three different sizes. The sound quality is excellent through the earbuds, and the whole system is very lightweight, and flexible.  I do not feel it weighing down on my neck or catching on anything. i use the Skullcandy Method sytem for working out, traveling, and for day to day listening, and It always functions well for any purpose. I would strongly recommend these earbuds for anyone who is looking for a new pair.

Headset Features:

  • Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity for easy pairing to any device
  • 9 hour battery life for long flights
  • 3 dint sizesf o earbud for all types of ears
  • volume adjust and main power button. Speaker for hands free phone use
  • Lightweight earbud harness that fits comfortably around neck
  • Charging Cable Included
  • Comes in several different color options

Get your SkullCandy Method wireless headset now! Priced around $50, this headset will give you everything you ever need in a bluetooth headset without the premium price!

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