Southwest Airlines

Southwest airlines is a US airline operating across the lower 48 states, and to Mexico, Central america. This was the original discount carrier in the US. and Caribbean Destinations. Southwest does not operate on a traditional Hub system like most large US airlines. They instead use a point to point operation across several cities in the US. this is amongst several of the sthings that Southwest does to distinguish itself from other major US carriers.

  • •Bag fees- First and second bag is free up to 50# fees apply for additional, overweight, and oversize bags
  • •Carry On policy- 1 carryon bag (10x16x24 inches) and one personal item that must fit under the seat
  • •Southwest does not reaccomodate passengers on other airlines regardless of the circumstances
  • •Mileage Program- Rapid Rewards
  • •Airline Alliance- None
  • •All Seats on Southwest are coach seats. Seats are not preassigned, first come first served on the aircraft

Contact Info


•Reservations 1-800-435-9792
•Customer Care 1-855-234-4654
•Airline APP- YES